Friday, July 12, 2013

Random questions: Which African countries have the most white people?

Not a comprehensive list, just some random observations, courtesy mostly of the CIA World Factbook:
  1. South Africa is obviously the highest with a white population of 9.6% of their total population.  South Africa is also 2.5% Asian/South Asian.  I didn't tally all of the countries, but it seems likely that there are more white South Africans than white Africans from the rest of the continent combined.  
  2. Botswana is 7% white.  I don't think I've ever met anyone from Botswana, white or black. There are only 2 million Botswanans.  
  3. There are a ton of Lebanese in the Cote d'Ivoire -- 130,000 as of 1998.  14,000 French as well.  The total percentage of "Other" is 2.8% according to the Factbook. 
  4. Angola is 1% European and 2% mixed European and African.  
  5. Somewhat surprisingly (for those who have seen Nowhere in Africa), Europeans and Asians combine to make up only 1% of Kenya's population.  
  6. Former Rhodesia: Zimbabwe is now less than 1% white, down from 5.4% of the population (270,000 people) in the 1970s.  Only 0.5% of Zambians are white or Asian. 
  7. Tanzania is 1% European, Asian and Arab combined. 
  8. Senegal is 1% European and Lebanese combined. 
  9. No info from CIA Factbook on Nigeria.  Wiki Answers says that there are 50,000 white people, which comes out to only 0.0003% of the population.  50,000 is still a pretty significant number though compared to most of these countries. 
  10. I couldn't find a good number for Ghana.  CIA Factbook says that 1.6% of their population is "Other." 

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